2012 Results

2012 Test Passes Emily Grapes          - Inter-Silver Figures Stella Mavroudis      - Prelim Figures & Free Daisy Robinson       - Prelim Figures Harley Hunt             - Elementary Figures & Free Chelsie Virgo           - Elementary Figures & Free Katie Virgo              - Elementary Figures Emily Deag             - Elementary Figures   Brooks Open Challange December 2012 Ladies Novelty 14 yrs & above: Danielle Haldron 1st, Chelsie Virgo 2nd 13 yrs & under: Dulcie Read 2nd, Hannah Hastings 3rd, Ellen Siegert 4th,                        Louisa Mavroudis 5th, Evie Read 7th, Tegan Vincent 8th, Emily Deag 9th Mens Novelty 13yrs & Under: Harley Hunt 1st, Harlee Wicks 2nd Club Show:     1st  ""   Retroskate Gala November 2012 Figures Newcomers 8-10 years:     John Jennings 1st Novice 7yrs & under:  Ellen Siegart 1st, Harlee Wicks 2nd 8 years:          Daisy Jennings 8th 9 years:          Tegan Vincent 2nd, Aimee Keenor 3rd, Maisie Irvine 4th, Katie Kooi 8th, Jessica Kooi 9th 10-11 years:    Ameila Haudiquet 1st, Shakira Nichols George 3rd 12-13 years:   Shannon Silom 2nd, Amy Hewitt 5th, Natasha Haldron 6th, Gemma Yaxley 8th 14 years:        Danielle Haldron 2nd, Chloe Soanes 7th, Michelle Mingay 8th Elementary  11yrs & under:Dulcie Read 1st, Louisa Mavroudis 3rd, Harley Hunt 4th 12yrs & above:Danielle Tuddenham 1st, Chelsie Virgo 8th, Emily Deag 10th Prelim             Open Age:      Stella Mavroudis 3rd Inter-Silver & above Open Age:      Emily Grapes 1st Open Standard Over 25's:       Amanda Blyth 3rd Free Basic Skills under 5's:        Fraia Wicks 2nd, Harmony Widdowson 3rd, Solomon Read 4th, Abbie Mingay 5th,                       Marley Hudson 6th, Christos Mavroudis 7th, Millie-Anne Blyth 8th  6-7 years:       Holly Carter 1st, Emmy Snowling 3rd, William Snowling 4th 8-9 years:       Katie Kooi 1st, Jessica Kooi 2nd, Aimee Keenor 5th, Destiny Widdowson 8th,                       Olivia Clutten 12th 10yrs & above:Angel Widdowson 1st, Gemma Yaxley 2nd, Michelle Mingay 3rd, Jacob Brown 4th Novice 7yrs & under:   Harlee Wicks 1st, Ellen Siegert 4th 8 years:           Daisy Jennings 4th 9 years:           Tegan Vincent 2nd, Maisie Irvine 6th 10 years:         Ameila Haudiquet 4th, John Jennings 7th 12 years:         Amy Hewitt 1st, Shannon Silom 3rd, Hannah Hastings 4th 13 years:         Natasha Haldron 2nd, Emily Deag 3rd 14yrs & above: Danielle Haldron 1st, Chloe Soanes 2nd, Katie Virgo 5th Elementary 10yrs & under: Harley Hunt 3rd, Louisa Mavroudis 5th, Dulcie Read 7th 11yrs & above: Danielle Tuddenham 1st, Chelsie Virgo 2nd Prelim 12yrs & under: Stella Mavroudis 9th Open Standard Over 25's:        Amanda Blyth 1st Duo Free Novice 11yrs    Ameila Haudiquet & Tegan Vincent 2nd,       & under:    Harlee Wicks & Ellen Siegart 3rd  12yrs & above:Chloe Soanes & Natasha Haldron 2nd, Emily Deag & Amy Hewitt 3rd                        Hannah Hastings & Shannon Silom 4th, Katie Virgo & Sharkira Nichols 5th         Elementary:     Louisa Mavroudis & Dulcie Read 1st Prelim:            Amanda Blyth & Danielle Tuddenham 1st OSP Novice 10yrs & under: Harley Hunt 2nd, Dulcie Read 3rd, Louisa Mavroudis 5th 11yrs & 12yrs: Evie Read 1st, Stella Mavroudis 2nd, Amy Hewitt 3rd, Shakira Nichols 6th 13yrs & above: Danielle Tuddenham 1st, Danielle Haldron 3rd Free Dance Inter Bronze +: Emily Grapes 3rd Novelty 8yrs & under:   Harlee Wicks 1st, Ellen Siegert 3rd 9yrs & above:   Hannah Hastings 1st, Maisie Irvine 2nd, Tegan Vincent 3rd Club Show:    1st out of 6! ""   FARS Winter Solo Dance Competition 10 & 11 November 2012 Novice Solo:    Natasha Haldron - Semi Finals Novice OSP 9-11 years:      Dulcie Read 1st, Louisa Mavroudis 3rd, Stella Mavroudis 4th 12yrs & above: Natasha Haldron 1st, Danielle Tuddenham 2nd, Evie Read 4th, Danielle Haldron 6th "" Cup of Europe Championships Portugal 23-27 October 2012 Men's Mini's Long Programme: Harley Hunt 4th   Tiptree October 2012 Free Basic Skills 8yrs & under:   Destiny Widdowson 5th, Holly Carter 12th 9 - 10yrs:         Jessica Kooi 2nd, Aimee Keenor 3rd, Katie Kooi 5th, Olivia Clutten 7th, Shakira Silom 9th 11yrs & above: Michelle Mingay 4th, Bryony Gough 6th, Naomi Paddison 8th,                       Gemma Yaxley 9th, Angel Widdowson 10th Beginners 10yrs & above:Shakira Nicholls-George 1st Novice 8yrs & under:   Ellen Siegert 4th, Daisy Jennings 5th, Harlee Wicks 6th 9 - 10 years:    Tegan Vincent 3rd, Ameila Haudiquet 4th, John Jennings 13th 11 - 12 years:  Shannon Silom 2nd, Amy Hewitt 5th, Hannah Hastings 6th 13yrs & above: Danielle Haldron 1st, Natasha Haldron 3rd, Emily Deag 6th, Chloe Soanes 7th, Katie Virgo 10th Elementary Open- 3 mins: Dulcie Read 1st, Louisa Mavroudis 3rd, Harley Hunt 4th 12+ - 2 mins:  Chelsie Virgo 1st, Danielle Tuddenham 2nd Prelim Open- 3 mins: Stella Mavroudis 5th Open Standard Over 25's:       Amanda Blyth 2nd Duo Free Novice:          Sharkira Nichols-George & Katie Virgo 1st, Ellen Siegart & Harlee Wicks 5th,                     Chloe Soanes & Natasha Haldron 6th, Ameila Haudiquet & Tegan Vincent 7th,                     Emily Deag & Amy Hewitt 8th, Shannon Silom & Hannah Hastings 11th Elementary:   Dulcie Read & Louisa Mavroudis 2nd Prelim:          Amanda Blyth & Danielle Tuddenham 2nd Club Show: 1st out of 6!     ***NEWSFLASH August 2012*** Harley Hunt has been selected entry for the Cup of Europe 2012 !!!!   Cadet/Youth/Junior/Senior Championship London 28/29 July 2012 Youth Ladies Figures: Emily Grapes 2nd     Tyne Tees July 2012 Figures Novice  8yrs & under:  Ellen Siegert 1st, Harlee Wicks 2nd 9 - 10yrs:       Tegan Vincent 1st, Maisie Irvine 6th, Aimee Keenor 8th 11 - 13yrs:      Emily Deag 2nd, Shakira Nichols George 9th 14yrs & above: Danielle Haldron 1st, Katie Virgo 4th, Chelsie Virgo 6th, Michelle Mingay 8th Elementary Open Age:      Danielle Tuddenham 3rd, Louisa Mavroudis 5th, Dulcie Read 6th, Harley Hunt 9th Prelim Open Age:      Stella Mavroudis 3rd Inter Bronze & Bronze Open Age:      Emily Grapes 1st Free Novice 8yrs & under:  Ellen Siegert 1st, Harlee Wicks 2nd 9 - 10yrs:        Tegan Vincent 5th, Maisie Irvine 10th 13 - 15yrs:      Danielle Haldron 2nd, Emily Deag 8th, Katie Virgo 9th Open Age:      Natasha Haldron 2nd Elementary Open Age:      Harley Hunt 1st, Danielle Tuddenham 2nd, Louisa Mavroudis 3rd, Dulcie Read 7th, Chelsie Virgo 9th Prelim Open Age:      Amanda Blyth 3rd, Stella Mavroudis 6th Solo Dance  Novice   Newcomers     Fraia Wicks 9th 6yrs & under:  Harlee Wicks 1st, Fraia Wicks 4th 7 - 8yrs:          Ellen Siegert 3rd 9 - 10yrs:        Harley Hunt 4th, Louisa Mavroudis 5th, Dulcie Read 6th, Tegan Vincent 8th, Amy Keenor 13th,                       Maisie Irvine 14th 11 - 13yrs:      Stella Mavroudis 6th, Shakira Nichols George 8th 14yrs & above: Danielle Tuddenham 1st, Emily Deag 3rd, Michelle Mingay 6th, Katie Virgo 7th Inter Bronze & Bronze Open Age:      Emily Grapes 4th Duo Dance      Novice            Stella Mavroudis & Shakira Nichols George 1st,                       Natasha Haldron & Danielle Tuddenham 3rd Trio Dance Novice             Retroskate Cooper 4th,  Retroskate Mustang 8th Solo OSP Novice Grp 1: Danielle Tuddenham 1st, Louisa Mavroudis 3rd, Stella Mavroudis 4th,                      Shakira Nichols George 9th Novice Grp 2: Dulcie Read 1st, Natasha Haldron 4th, Danielle Haldron 5th, Emily Deag 7th Solo Creative Dance (Open Standard) Open Age:      Emily Grapes 3rd Latin Dance (Open Standard) Open Age:      Emily Grapes 6th Novelty Open Age:      Harlee Wicks 1st, Ellen Siegert 3rd, Tegan Vincent 5th Club Show:   1st  SHAPE  \* MERGEFORMAT INTERNATIONAL: Pula, Croatia June 2012 Free Mens Ciciban: Harley Wicks 1st Mens Mini:      Harlee Hunt 1st Ladies Mini:     Louisa Mavroudis 9th, Dulcie Read 11th Ladies Older:   Danielle Tuddenham 4th, Chelsie Virgo 5th Ladies Espoir: Daisy Robinson 10th, Stella Mavroudis 11th "" Soham May 2012 Figures Newcomers 10yrs & Under: Katie Kooi 9th 11yrs & above: Shakira Nichols George 5th Novice Open Age Group 1:          Natasha Haldron 1st, Amy Hewitt 2nd, Chloe Soanes 7th, Shannon Silom 8th                        Danielle Haldron 9th, Emily Deag 10th, Charlotte MacLennan 12th, Bryony Gough 13th Group 2:          Mollie Wilson 4th, Ellen Siegert 6th, Amelia Haudiquet 9th, Maisie Irvine 11th,                        Tegan Vincent 12th, Aimee Keenor 14th Elementary Open Age:       Danielle Tuddenham 4th, Louisa Mavroudis 14th Prelim Open Age:       Stella Mavroudis 7th Inter Bronze / Bronze Open Age:       Emily Grapes 5th Free Newcomers Open Age:       Daisy Jennings 3rd, John Jennings 6th Novice 8rs & under:     Ellen Siegert 3rd 9 - 10 years:     Mollie Wilson 2nd, Ameilia Haudiquet 3rd, Tegan Vincent 7th, Maisie Irvine 13th  11 - 12 years:   Shannon Silom 2nd, Amy Hewitt 5th 13 - 15 years:   Natasha Haldron 2nd, Danielle Haldron 3rd, Charlotte MacLennan 5th, Emily Deag 11th 16 - 24 years:   Chloe Soanes 2nd Upto Prelim Over 25yrs:        Amanda Blyth 1st Solo Dance Newcomers Open Age:       Chloe Soanes 1st, Shannon Silom 6th, Amy Hewitt 7th, Maisie Irvine 8th,                       Michelle Mingay 10th, Ellen Siegert 11th, Tegan Vincent 15th Novice 10 - 12 years:  Stella Mavroudis 4th, Dulcie Read 5th, Shakira Nichols George 9th, Louisa Mavroudis 11th 13 - 20 years:  Danielle Tuddenham 2nd, Danielle Haldon 3rd, Natasha Haldron 4th Inter Bronze & Above Open Age:       Emily Grapes 2nd Duo Dance Novice Open Age:       Danielle Tuddenham & Natasha Haldron 1st, Danielle Haldron & Chloe Soanes 2nd,                       Stella Mavroudis & Shkira Nichols George 5th, Dance Teams Upto Prelim Open Age:      Retroskate Cooper 8th,  Retroskate Enzo 12th, Retroskate Mustang 13th ""   ***NEWSFLASH May 2012*** Harlee Wicks, Harley Hunt, Daisy Robinson, Stella Mavroudis, Dulcie Read & Ellen Siegert have been selected for Figure Squad training... held at Retroskate Sunday 27th May !!!!     FARS Tots/Minis/Espoir Championship Peterborough 21st/22nd April 2012 Tots Boys Figures: Harlee Wicks 1st Tots Boys Free:     Harlee Wicks 2nd Tots Boys Com:     Harlee Wicks 1st   Tots Girls Figures: Ellen Siegert 2nd  Tots Girls Free:     Ellen Siegert 4th Tots Girls Com:     Ellen Siegert 3rd   Tots Couples Dance: Harlee Wicks & Ellen Siegert 1st   Mini Boys Figures: Harley Hunt 2nd Mini Boys Free:     Harley Hunt 1st Mini Boys Com:     Harley Hunt 1st   Mini Girls Figures: Dulcie Read 4th, Louisa Mavroudis 9thMini Girls Free:     Dulcie Read 4th, Louisa Mavroudis 10thMini Girls Comb:   Dulcie Read 4th, Louisa Mavroudis 7th   Espoir Girls Figures: Daisy Robinson 3rd, Stella Mavroudis 4th Espoir Girls Free:     Daisy Robinson 6th, Stella Mavroudis 7th  Espoir Girls Com:     Daisy Robinson 3rd, Stella Mavroudis 5th ""  ***NEWSFLASH Feb 2012***Harlee Wicks, Dulcie Read, Harley Hunt & Stella Mavroudis have been selected for British Squad Freestyle Training!!!! ""    FARS Novice/Elementary/Preliminary Competition Alfreton 10th/11th March 2012 Novice Mens Figures:              Harlee Wicks 1st Free:                   Harlee Wicks 1st Combined:          Harlee Wicks 1st Novice Ladies 11yrs & Under Figures:              Ellen Siegert 7th, Tegan Vincent 14th, Maisie Irvine 15th, Amelia Haudiquet 17th, Lily Robinson 19th Free:                   Tegan Vincent 8th, Amelia Haudiquet 9th, Maisie Irvine 13th, Ellen Sieget 15th, Lily Robinson 21st Combined:          Tegan Vincent 7th, Ellen Siegert 10th, Amelia Haudiquet 11th, Maisie Irvine 16th, Lily Robinson 19th Novice Ladies 12yrs & above Figures:             Amy Hewitt 1st, Chelsie Virgo 3rd, Shannon Silom 6th,                           Charlotte Huxtable 8th, Chloe Soanes 10th, Emily Deag 11th,                                             Charlotte McLennan 12th, Danielle Haldron 14th, Natasha Haldron 15th,                           Hannah Hastings 16th, Evie Read 17th Free:                  Chelsie Virgo 2nd, Danielle Haldron 4th, Charlotte McLennan 8th, Charlotte Huxtable 9th,                           Natasha Haldron 10th, Hannah Hastings 13th, Evie Read 14th, Emily Deag 15th, Chloe Soanes 16th,                           Shannon Silom 19th, Amy Hewitt 20th Combined:         Chelsie Virgo 3rd, Danielle Haldron 4th, Charlotte Huxtable 6th, Charlotte McLennan 8th,                           Amy Hewitt 9th, Chloe Soanes 11th, Emily Deag 12th, Hannah Hastings 13th, Shannon Silom 14th,                           Natasha Haldron 15th, Evie Read 17th Elem/Prelim Mens Figures:            Harley Hunt 2nd Free:                 Harley Hunt 3rd Combined:        Harley Hunt 2nd Elem/Prelim Ladies 11yrs & under Figures:            Stella Mavroudis 3rd, Dulcie Read 12th, Louisa Mavroudis 16th Free:                  Dulcie Read 4th, Louisa Mavroudis 11th, Stella Mavroudis 12th Combined:         Dulcie Read 7th, Stella Mavroudis 9th, Louisa Mavroudis 14th Elem/Prelim Ladies 12yrs & above Figures:            Daisy Robinson 1st, Danielle Tuddenham 2nd Free:                 Danielle Tuddenham 7th, Dasiy Robinson 16th Combined:        Danielle Tuddenham 5th, Daisy Robinson 6th ""
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